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Revector launches enhanced covert detection products and service

Leading telecoms fraud company enters security market Launches smallest and most powerful IMSI catcher for 2G, 3G and 4G Unique network capabilities and web based remote management UK developed, designed and manufactured 27th January 2016: Mobile anti-fraud and revenue protection specialist Revector today launches a new covert detection

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Revector: now detecting fraud for mobile operators in 100 countries

Mobile anti-fraud and revenue protection specialist Revector today announces it has now detected and eliminated mobile fraud in more than 100 countries around the world. UK-based Revector has helped mobile network operators regain more than an estimated $1 billion of revenues previously lost to fraud and mis-billing.

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Revector CEO advises Cameroon Prime Minister

Revectors CEO, Andy Gent, discusses SIM Box Fraud during his visit to Cameroon and advises the Prime Minister of Cameroon of the most suitable actions. (Business in Cameroon) – Andy Gent has made it clear. On August 12 and 13, 2015, the Chairman of Revector,

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Revector locates one millionth fraudulent SIM card

Up to 96% of all calls being illegally re-routed in some countries Emerging markets still top target for organised mobile fraudsters Launches test event generation: effective billing and testing platform Mobile anti-fraud and revenue protection specialist Revector has located more than one million fraudulent SIM cards on

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Glo Mobile Ghana selects Revector

Mobile anti-fraud and revenue protection specialist Revector has been selected by Glo Mobile Ghana to lead a campaign to detect and eliminate SIM Box fraud on its network. Revector has been selected due to its outstanding record of detecting and eliminating SIM Box fraud in

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Revector launches Vocal Pony

Revector launches new platform for mobile network operators One integrated software suite for anti-fraud and revenue protection tools Fully transparent network functionality and performance tool Revector today launches Vocal Pony – the first integrated software platform that delivers all the relevant software tools for mobile network

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