Revector wins contract to audit fraud and OTT bypass

Revector wins contract to audit fraud and OTT bypass

Revector to test network for OTT bypass and other mobile frauds
Audit to take place across all global operations
20th May 2016: Revector, the telecommunications fraud specialist, today announces that it has been selected by a major Middle East network operator group to audit all of its global group operations for OTT bypass and other existing mobile frauds.

The customer is one of the world’s leading telecom groups. Since its inception, it has built a subscriber base of more than 100 million in the international markets where it operates.

Research carried out by Revector identified high levels of OTT Bypass, causing revenue losses. With revenue and reputation a priority, the operator wanted to ensure that its networks are free from the threat of OTT bypass and SIM Box fraud.

OTT Bypass happens when OTT app providers terminate calls through an OTT app that have begun life as a normal fixed or mobile telephone call. Whilst OTT to OTT calls are fair competition to telecommunications networks, there is an increasing trend for Voice over IP apps to divert calls away from the telecommunications networks and to terminate them within their apps. When this happens the OTT app providers receive termination fees for connecting the call that would otherwise be collected by the telecommunications network.

OTT bypass has a significant impact on reputation too as end user call quality can suffer. Services such as Voicemail or caller ID are often unavailable and if the end user is abroad, they might receive data roaming charges. Revector will also eliminate SIM Box fraud on the networks.

Andy Gent, Founder and CEO of Revector comments; “This group operator’s commitment to tackling mobile fraud is affirmation of the revenue loss and reputation damage that telecommunication providers are suffering across the globe. Revector is determined to eliminate SIM Box fraud and OTT bypass from the telecoms industry. Delivering this service across all multiple global operations is an important win for Revector and consolidates our position in OTT Bypass fraud and its elimination.”

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Revector wins contract to audit fraud and OTT bypass