Optimising revenue and margins for telecommunications companies by investigating, detecting and preventing fraud.


We work with fixed and mobile network operators and mobile virtual network operators (MVNOs) to recover revenue and margin, detect and prevent fraud and improve customer service.


We help governments and regulators ensure telecommunications services are delivered in an effective manner and that service providers make a fair contribution to society.

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Fraud Elimination

Removing fraud from mobile networks to protect revenues

Revenue Protection

Generating all the revenues that should rightly be yours


Protecting telecommunications networks and improving reliability

OTT bypass hijack

Removing Over-The-Top termination bypass

Margin protection

Ensuring optimal margin through fraud reduction

SIM box detection

Immediate identification and removal of SIM boxes

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Trusted: operational in more than 100 countries, working with more than 150 networks

Deployed by more than 100 telecommunications companies for fraud reduction globally
Successfully operational fraud services in every continent in the world. More than 100 years of collective expertise in fraud reduction in telecommunications


Complete: end to end service delivers revenue management and margin optimisation

End to end service delivers revenue protection and margin management
A full service provider of anti-fraud solutions for mobile and fixed line telecommunications service providers and regulators globally


Robust: able to identify relevant risk and eliminate on an ongoing basis

The most reliable anti-fraud services for telecommunications providers
Delivering proven, reliable and secure cloud-based anti-fraud services for more than 100 telecommunications service providers across the globe


Innovative: millions invested in identifying and eliminating revenue loss

Award winning innovation in fraud detection and removal
Revector has won The Queen’s Award for Enterprise in Innovation for its anti-fraud products and services

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