Case Studies

Latest case studies from the Revector Team.
Bypass Fraud Detection

Caribbean SIM Box elimination

A Caribbean network operator was experiencing huge losses in revenue due to Bypass Fraud – whereby fraudsters were bypassing the operator’s interconnection point using a SIM Box. Revector’s Locate & Eliminate service was deployed. Within a day, the team had pinpointed the exact room where

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o Middle Eastern airport security

Middle Eastern airport security

Following a review of security strategy at the beginning of 2020, a high-profile airport in the Middle East employed Revector to implement its IMSI and Wi-Fi catcher technology and add another layer of security to its existing infrastructure. Revector installed IMSI and Wi-Fi catchers around

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o UK prison implements IMSI catchers

UK prison implements IMSI catchers

A UK prison approached Revector by recommendation, following the discovery of an increasing number of contraband cell phones. This was allowing prisoners to continue illegal activities whilst incarcerated. Prison staff were carrying out cell searches to identify the contraband but had no way of monitoring

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Fraud in Eastern Europe

Eastern European mobile network turns to Revector to address all fraud issues About the customer: A leading network operator in Eastern Europe, the customer is affiliated to a global mobile group. It provides voice, data and messaging services to consumer and business audiences across this

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Sim box elimination Caribbean


A Caribbean operator was experiencing huge losses due to SIM Boxes much to the disdain of the shareholders. It was time for action and Revector’s Locate and Eliminate service was deployed. Revector’s operation ground team landed and immediately began drive testing around suspected areas.

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Losses Estimation


Fraud teams often do not have huge budgets despite how crucial the work they are doing is to the protection of important revenues. It is not uncommon for operators to require proof of the benefits of such TCG systems.

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Africa One Area Network


Revector’s presence in Africa is large and has seen huge changes to the behaviour of SIM Box fraudsters with the introduction of cheap international calls within “One Area” agreements between Rwanda, Uganda, South Sudan and Kenya.

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Middle East MNO


An operator in the Middle East was approached after Revector had identified 73 SIM cards being used in bypass fraud in a brief test. A month passed and the operator had not suspended these numbers resulting in a loss of US$ 1.3 million.

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