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Revector’s team of experts create and deploy bespoke hardware and software solutions to help companies globally overcome uncertainty, risk and threat in today’s world.

Revector deploys technology that uses both Wi-Fi and mobile networks to identify and address security threats. This gives organisations the capability to passively and actively monitor for suspicious and criminal behaviour taking place in and around private facilities. This can be used to counter threats of terrorism, corporate espionage, breaches of national infrastructure and other risks.

About IMSI Catchers

Depending on local legislation, International Mobile Subscriber Identity (IMSI) catchers enable regulated authorities to identify mobile devices in a specific geographic location. Every mobile device includes a unique IMSI number that identifies every mobile user within the network.

The Revector Detector, our proprietary IMSI catcher technology, uses cutting-edge software to detect the broadcasting IMSIs within range and then pinpoint the precise location of the device.

About Wi-Fi Catchers

When the Wi-Fi functionality is switched on, a mobile phone is constantly seeking and interacting with new Wi-Fi networks – leaving a digital trace. Revector’s Wi-Fi catchers can be used to identify suspicious activity around buildings, locations, or specific places of high interest to criminal or terrorists.

Historically, intelligence technology such as IMSI catchers and Wi-Fi catchers used to be cumbersome and expensive. Today these solutions are commercially available and portable, creating new opportunities for their use.

The Equipment

  • 2 Channel 6W Detector
    • 19’’ 1 U
    • Compact Dual 2W Detector (228)
    • Compact Backpack
    • Getac Unit
    • Power per channel 3W @2G 1.5W @3G 0.4 @4G
  • 4 Channel 12W Detector
    • Power per channel 3W @2G 1.5W @3G 0.4 @4G
  • 2U 2 Channel Power Amp – 150W
    • Power per channel 75W+ @2G 20W @3G 10W @4G
  • Bespoke 2-4-6-8 Radio Detectors with 2W-100W PA
  • Vehicle, back pack, and drone mounted
Revector Devices

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