Our Markets


As technology continues to evolve, network operators and regulators are increasingly exposed to fraudulent abuse including Bypass Fraud, CLI Spoofing and Revenue Share Fraud.

Revector has worked with more than 150 telecommunications companies across the globe, helping to optimise revenue and margins by investigating, detecting and preventing fraud.

Along with analytics and mapping and working alongside telecom service providers, telecom regulators and law enforcement, the Revector Detector can be used to identify the precise location of the illegal SIM box operation.

Prisons and correctional services

The use of illicit mobile phones has been a longstanding problem within prisons, with the Ministry of Justice identifying the risk posed by contraband mobile phone technology as the most significant threat to the security of the estate.

Prisoners are using illegal mobile phones to facilitate a wide range of criminal activity including drug supply, large scale fraud, harassment of witnesses and other prisoners, the procurement of firearms and maintaining and enhancing the influence of prisoners convicted of terrorism offences.

Revector works with prisons and correctional services to monitor for contraband cell phones and uses its cutting-edge IMSI catcher and Wi-Fi catcher technology to identify the location of handsets down to the precise cell. The technology also enables prisons to gather social intelligence to identify patterns of behaviour.

Aviation & Maritime Security

Our IMSI catching technology allows security teams at ports and airports to gather intelligence, prevent criminal activity, and maintain public safety.

Critical Infrastructure & Government Buildings

Revector IMSI number tracking and surveillance technology can prevent threats to a wide variety of infrastructure and facilities, including embassies, ministry buildings, power stations and oil refineries.

Border Control & National Security

UAVs equipped with our IMSI tracker payloads are ideal for monitoring long stretches of land and maritime borders, helping to combat piracy, smuggling, and movement of criminals.

Law Enforcement & Counter-Terrorism

The Revector Detector solution can be used by police, SWAT teams, and counter-terrorism personnel to support criminal investigations, surveillance, criminal raids and other critical operations.