About Revector


Revector™ is a small and agile services and product company having worked in telecommunications, security and intelligence activities for various end users. Revector’s reputation is built on decades of experience in management, design and product development within the telecommunications domain.


Revector™ is a leading provider of revenue, fraud and security investigations services, whose core focus is to provide intelligence on IMSI’s which can culminate in detecting and eliminating fraud on their telecommunication networks, provide supporting intelligence to law enforcement services and provide technology for search and rescue.

In Revector™ twenty year history, it has successfully implemented its award-winning services in over 100 countries worldwide, helping to recover millions in lost revenues and eradicating fraud both in country and on mobile networks.

Now able to alongside their historic test call generation solutions to identify and locate Simbox fraudsters with IMSI Location and WiFi location hardware and software. Used by telecom regulators, SimBox detection vendors and other governmental, miltary and security agencies.

Revector™ advances in SIM Box Detection and OTT Hijacking, CLI Spoofing and IMSI intelligence has allowed telecom operators to protect revenues confidently and fight back against fraudsters. 

Revector has worked with a large number of major mobile operators, including Vodafone, Hutchison Three, MTN, Zain, Bharti Airtel, Digicel, Etisalat, Telenor, MTS, Tele2, NTT DoCoMo,T-Mobile and Cable & Wireless at both Operator and Group level. Revector™ commercial excellence was rewarded in 2012 with the bestowing of two Queen’s Awards for Enterprise in both the Innovation and International Trade categories.

Company founded specializing in telecoms consultancy services 2001
Anti-fraud solutions commercialised2006
First major mobile network operator uses Revector for anti-fraud services2007
First major mobile network group deploys Revector’s services across multiple territories2008
Revector’s anti-fraud services active in more than 50 countries2009
Extension of anti-fraud solution with Revenue Assurance tools2010
Launch of suite of Revenue Protection services for mobile operators2012
Revector awarded two Queen’s Awards for Enterprise in Innovation and International Trade2012
Revector identifies the one millionth fraudulent SIM card2013
Revector speaks to the Parliament of Cameroon about the threats of telecommunications fraud2014
Revector identifies for Over The Top (OTT) hijack2014
Revector delivers the first proven OTT hijack solution in the world, tested with major telecommunications companies globally2016
Deployed Bypass Fraud Detection in over 100 countries2017
Joint project to develop CLI Spoofing Detection tool with leading global telecom operator2018
Acquired all IP and assets of IMSI Catcher company2019
Gained FCC Approval for Revector Detector IMSI Catcher2020
Launched drone (UAV) based Revector Detector IMSI Catcher2020
Applied for FCC Approval for Revector Detector IMSI Catcher2020
Designed drone (UAV) based Revector Detector IMSI Catcher payload2020
Launched drone (UAV) based Revector Detector IMSI Catcher payload2021
Revector Detector IMSI Catcher payload operational on quad and fixed wing UAV’s2022
Launched Revector Detector IMSI Catcher suite of solutions (UAV, backpack, vehicle)2022

Released Revector Detector UAV 2.0 the worlds most powerful lightweight IMSI Catcher that can be mounted on a wide-selection of UAVs including but not limited to DJI, Elistair, ISS Aerospace and Flir. Weighing just 1.4Kg and covering 2G-4G on 2 channels


Released range of new products:

BTS Detect

WiFI Detect

4 channel covert system

4 channel UAV system coming Q2 2024



Revector has been the recipient of several prestigious awards for its innovation and global impact.

In 2012, Revector was one of only four companies in the UK to win two prestigious Queen’s Awards for Enterprise – in both the ‘International Trade’ and ‘Innovation’ categories. This achievement demonstrates Revector’s commitment to creating and deploying cutting-edge solutions on a global scale.

As part of the Awards ceremony, 4 members of Revectors hard-working team were lucky enough to visit Buckingham Palace where they were honoured to be given the chance to discuss our Innovations with the Her Majesty the Queen, Queen Elizabeth II along with other Royal Family members.

Revector were also presented with our awards by the Lieutenant of Berkshire, who visited the Revector office in Wokingham, Berkshire. Presented to Andy Gent and the team, the awards took pride of place in Revectors minds. All the team were estatic after years of hardwork in over 130 countries worldwide with their innovative products. We haven’t slowed down since and hope someday to receive a Kings Award.


Revectors base is in the UK, with multilple offices situated throughout the country. With a worldwide reach and many partners across the world, we are happy to present our products to all corners. In the last 15 years Revector have worked in over 130 countries, thus showcasing our ability to work in all environments to ensure success for our clients.











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