Revector Detector

Intelligent Software

Full control and visual representation of IMSI/IMEI target activity.
  • Manage intelligence missions remotely
  • Available on multiple platforms
  • Management Dashboard to control multiple units
  • Simple export of all data
  • Separation of mission data to allow multiple operatives
Analytics control room

Revector Tracker Software

Revector Detector, an offline or online software designed to bring simplicity, facilitate operational ease to all users regardless of IMSI catching/telecommunications knowledge.

It allows operational teams to deploy quickly with a few clicks of a button, a new cell will be created and devices will be captured, at this point the user can decide whether to treat each device as a whitelist user or a target blacklist user depending on the operational situation.

The software goes far beyond basic reporting and empowers the user to perform advanced functionality through a simple to use GUI.

Features include:

  • Mission separation and data export
  • Bulk target uploads from prepared csv file
  • Silent call to uncover the exact location including auto-start
  • One click full RAT and bands site survey
  • Customise viewable data for devices seen
  • Sound notifications for target devices
  • Automatic cell cycle mode for constant network coverage and UAV mode
  • CLI Spoofing for calls and SMS
  • Monitor outbound call and SMS attempts from target device
  • SAR Voice call, creating a network in low signal areas


Device Mapping

Device Mapping

The Revector Detector also comes loaded with Revectors unique heat mapping software that allows for any target device to be narrowed down from any location to a 40m radius. With just a few device hits, the mapping solution can allow for less time wasted for ground team searching with more accurate initial search locations.

Multiple device data can be overlaid and shown on the mapping solution. In parallel all hit and silent call GPS locations and timestamps can be displayed.

Useful scenarios:

  • Loiter on edge of a city and identify target location without revealing your location
  • Provide oversight of devices moving in and out of sensitive areas/border areas
  • Locate missing person/people in distress in inaccessible or desolate geographic regions where no phone signal is present
  • Monitor incoming targets and receive alerts to narrow down there entry point
  • Support disaster recovery by locating devices in devastation areas and provide temporary communications