Fraud in Eastern Europe

Fraud in Eastern Europe

Eastern European mobile network turns to Revector to address all fraud issues

About the customer:

A leading network operator in Eastern Europe, the customer is affiliated to a global mobile group. It provides voice, data and messaging services to consumer and business audiences across this Eastern European country.

About the issue:

The network had been experiencing large volumes of SIM Box fraud for some time and deployed several competitive products to try to address this. Whilst the solutions deployed had limited success in identifying calls that were causing the revenue loss, the network was not confident that the solution was all-encompassing and comprehensive.

The network then began to experience revenue and margin loss to another fraud: OTT hijack.

OTT hijack involves calls that legitimately begin life dialled directly between two telephone numbers arriving to the recipient’s phone as a Voice over IP call via an app. Whilst VoIP to VoIP calls are considered fair competition to telecommunications companies, OTT hijack involves parties that are not legitimately entitled to terminate calls doing so.

In a recent survey of mobile networks conducted by Revector, mobile network operators have, on average, lost 20% of termination revenues to OTT hijack in the last 12 months, with some operators losing more than 70%.

The Revector solution:

Revector is the only provider of anti-fraud and revenue protection services that has a fully functioning and proven solution to counter OTT hijack. Because of this reputation, the network approached Revector to provide a comprehensive investigation into where the company could protect revenue and margin.

Revector carried out a comprehensive audit for the company and identified significant revenue loss from both SIM Boxes and OTT hijack. This built a solid business case for investment in revenue protection and anti-fraud services. Thanks to Revector, the network knew what revenues it was losing, what the cost of deploying Revector’s services would be and the expected return on investment.

Following sign off at board level, the network requested that Revector deploy a comprehensive toolkit to address the revenue loss issues. This was integrated to manage both SIM Box and OTT in one reporting mechanism, enabling real time management of resources.

Across both SIM Box and OTT hijack Revector’s solutions enabled the network to identify more than 200,000 minutes per month of lost billing, comfortably delivering significant return on investment and improved revenues and margins.

Editorial credit: Jacopo91 /

Editorial credit: Jacopo91 /