Revector launches Vocal Pony

Revector launches Vocal Pony

  • Revector launches new platform for mobile network operators
  • One integrated software suite for anti-fraud and revenue protection tools
  • Fully transparent network functionality and performance tool

Revector today launches Vocal Pony – the first integrated software platform that delivers all the relevant software tools for mobile network operators to reduce fraud activities and protect revenues.

Vocal Pony enables operators to use one platform to:

  • Identify and eliminate fraud on mobile networks
  • Confirm the accuracy of billing and timing for calls, text messages and data use
  • Compare network performance with live call information
  • Identify network failures for fast remedy

Available on connected devices including an Android app, Vocal Pony enables mobile operators to plan, manage and protect their networks at the swipe of a finger.

Andy Gent, CEO of Revector, said: “Operators face an increasingly complex and expensive environment in which to combat fraud and protect revenues. Vocal Pony provides one single resource for cost effective fraud detection and revenue protection services. The operator can very easily deploy the service and immediately get information on how the network is performing in order to monitor and eliminate fraud, reduce revenue leakage assess call quality and reliability – all from one application that is easily installed on a mobile handset.”

Available initially to Revector’s global customer base of 125 mobile operators in over 80 countries worldwide, Vocal Pony enhances Revector’s expertise in mobile fraud prevention to increase revenue protection and quality of service support.

Andy Gent continued: “Whatever issues an operator is facing: from infrastructure break down to internal fraud; from call quality issues to mis-billing; Vocal Pony provides a fast and cost effective means to resolve issues and optimise network performance.”