Revector launches enhanced covert detection products and service

Revector launches enhanced covert detection products and service

  • Leading telecoms fraud company enters security market
  • Launches smallest and most powerful IMSI catcher for 2G, 3G and 4G
  • Unique network capabilities and web based remote management
  • UK developed, designed and manufactured

27th January 2016: Mobile anti-fraud and revenue protection specialist Revector today launches a new covert detection device that enables mobile service providers to deliver enhanced monitoring across 2G, 3G and 4G.

Revector, which has more than ten years’ experience in revenue protection and fraud reduction, now enters the security market with a customised StingRay-Style IMSI-Catcher that can detect, track, and locate illegal activity for network operators and other organisations that need to protect high-value assets.

Believed to be the smallest and most powerful covert detection device available on the market, the Revector product enables service providers to:

  • Accurately track the location of mobile devices across 2G, 3G and 4G networks
  • Detect the presence of mobile devices to an accuracy of metres where these are illegal or contraband
  • Integrate with existing Revector Analytics mapping and product suite

“Revector plans to enhance its anti-fraud services with a suite of security services that can be simply and cost effectively deployed.”


The new covert detection device also offers service providers a unique solution to build a managed network of Revector Locators to protect high risk buildings such as embassies, airports and prisons.

Revector’s solution combines the company’s award winning accurate location monitoring IP with a new smaller hardware footprint to create a product that can be deployed to monitor mobile devices’ physical location. Where it is legal to do so the Revector Locator includes a number of covert counter-measures including messaging and calling devices to establish target locations.

Andy Gent, CEO of Revector comments: “The miniaturisation of technology, combined with Revector’s expertise in location monitoring already deployed in our anti-fraud solutions, has enabled us to enter the security market with this new covert hardware which helps mobile service providers offer a managed detection and location service. Users can quickly and effectively locate mobile devices, monitor where these devices are being used, and even intercept communications to and from these devices where legal to do so.”

Applications include detection of mobile devices in areas where they are not allowed or illegal; monitoring for suspicious movement of mobile devices and logging calls made and received where authority has been given.

“This service is the first of several that we will be announcing in the coming months that provides enhanced security services through management of location,” continues Gent. “Revector plans to enhance its anti-fraud services with a suite of security services that can be simply and cost effectively deployed in environments where security is of paramount importance, not only providing reassurance to corporations and Governments but also enabling mobile service providers to offer a fully managed security service to their corporate clients.”


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