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SIM Box fraud and OTT bypass biggest threats to mobile operator revenues

Major survey of 150 global mobile operators highlights key threats to revenue in 2017: SIM Box fraud and OTT hijack OTT hijack is primary threat to revenues according to operators Call quality issues driving increased customer complaints 1st December 2016: Mobile network operators have lost 20% of termination revenues to OTT hijack in the last 12 months on average, with some operators losing more than 70%, according to a new survey …Read More

The new threat to telecommunications operators’ revenues: OTT bypass

OTT bypass is now costing network operators and telecommunications regulators $millions per month Estimated annual loss of traditional bypass is more than $3 billion per year. OTT is set to exceed this in the future Global fraud expert briefs meeting of network operators and government regulators in Pakistan on how to combat the loss 13th September 2016: Telecommunications operators and Government regulators are facing crippling losses around termination revenues from …Read More

How Telcos can fight back against OTT Hijacking

Revector CEO, Andy Gent, joins Telecom TV to discus the major threat upon mobile operators in 2016- OTT Hijacking. With operators revenues being affected by the hijacking of international calls onto OTT applications such as Viber, Revectors new innovation into detection and elimination is sure to put an end to these losses.

EU roaming abolition: good news for fraudsters

Double whammy to network operators – increased SIM Box loss and OTT hijack Reduction to zero of roaming rates in the EU may make it easier for fraud against mobile networks Old frauds such as SIM Box are being supplemented with new scans such as OTT hijack to threaten operators’ revenues 22nd May 2016: Mobile anti-fraud and revenue protection specialist Revector today outlined why the reduction in roaming rates across …Read More

Revector wins contract to audit fraud and OTT bypass for major Middle East network operator across multiple global operations

Revector to test network for OTT bypass and other mobile frauds Audit to take place across all global operations 20th May 2016: Revector, the telecommunications fraud specialist, today announces that it has been selected by a major Middle East network operator group to audit all of its global group operations for OTT bypass and other existing mobile frauds. The customer is one of the world’s leading telecom groups. Since its inception, …Read More

New threat to mobile network operator revenues

 Growth in ‘OTT Bypass’ revenue losses across the globe OTT Bypass identified in South America, Europe, Middle East and Asia in past month Significant International Termination and Roaming Losses 19th February 2016: Mobile anti-fraud and revenue protection specialist Revector today warned mobile networks of explosive growth in a new threat to revenue – Over-The-Top (OTT) Bypass call termination or OTT hijacking. “Several operators reporting a reduction in termination call revenues …Read More

Revector partners with Neural Technologies

Joint strategy to protect telecommunications service providers’ revenues Protect customer base from over-the-top (OTT) bypass revenue loss, SIM Box fraud and mis-billing     16th Februry 2016: Mobile anti-fraud and revenue protection specialist Revector today announces a partnership with risk management and analytics company Neural Technologies, to offer communications service providers a comprehensive anti-fraud and revenue protection service to mitigate risk and eliminate revenue loss. With more than ten years’ experience in …Read More

Revector launches enhanced covert detection products and service

Leading telecoms fraud company enters security market Launches smallest and most powerful IMSI catcher for 2G, 3G and 4G Unique network capabilities and web based remote management UK developed, designed and manufactured 27th January 2016: Mobile anti-fraud and revenue protection specialist Revector today launches a new covert detection device that enables mobile service providers to deliver enhanced monitoring across 2G, 3G and 4G. Revector, which has more than ten years’ …Read More

Revector appoints CCO and CFO; expands into Asia

Paul David appointed as Chief Commercial Officer (CCO) Keith Wilson appointed as Chief Financial Officer (CFO) New Revector offices opened in Australia Mobile anti-fraud and revenue protection specialist Revector today announces the appointment of two c-level executives to strengthen the Revector management team as the company expands into the Asia-Pacific region. Paul David joins as CCO bringing more than 20 years’ experience across the IT & Telecoms industry in Europe, …Read More

Test Event Generator from Revector: accurate bills for telecommunications operators

Mobile anti-fraud and revenue protection specialist Revector today announces a fully updated version of its Test Event Generator, enabling telecommunications service providers to conduct advanced remote testing to ensure they are providing accurate customer timing and billing information. Uniquely, Revector’s Test Event Generator is available as an Android application, which can be fully customised for the specific needs of network engineers. This provides easy and flexible access to remotely test, identify and …Read More