Revector launches suite of IMSI intelligence devices for Search and Rescue

Revector launches suite of IMSI intelligence devices for Search and Rescue

Revector has launched a new range of multi-channel, detection devices to support search and rescue and natural disaster response. The devices include a UAV (Unmanned Aerial Vehicle) payload, a personal carried option (backpack, quadbike) and a larger even more powerful vehicle option that can be housed in a 4×4 SUV.

The UAV payload is fully adaptable and portable, with low weight and optimised power consumption so that it can be mounted on all types of drones and used for public safety purposes with a long operational flight time.  The personal backpack option with the same specification as the UAV payload allows rescue teams to carrier the equipment effortlessly across rugged terrain, while undertaking search operations.  The vehicle device comes in configurable options with either 2, 4 or 8 channels and increased power for maximum operational efficiency and range.

Revector’s devices use IMSI-catcher technology, enabling search and rescue organisations to accurately pinpoint and track stricken or injured individuals who have a GSM device in their possession (phone, tablet, etc.)

Utilising IMSI intelligence reduces the need for expensive costs of helicopter rescue, and improve operational efficiency by locating individuals that need rescuing with minimal resource and significantly less time.  The possible difference between life and death.

The devices also have the capability to communicate with the injured or lost individual, either by sending an sms message or undertaking a voice call, even if there is no other commercial mobile network available in the area. This capability could be crucial to ensure the correct medical care is prepared and assist on the ground rescue teams to find them quickly.

The International Mobile Subscriber Identity (IMSI) is a 15-digit, unique number assigned to the SIM card that identifies the mobile user within the network. IMSI-catchers act like the mobile phone network – meaning nearby mobile phones connect to them. This then gives the authorised user of the IMSI-catcher the ability to locate and monitor activity lawfully. In the case of search and rescue the mobile device acts like a rescue beacon or transmitter, allowing the rescue teams to pinpoint the device down to a few metres, irrelevant of weather conditions, visibility or environment.

This range of IMSI-catcher devices have been engineered with size, weight and power in mind to fully optimise drone flight time with superior detection capability. The smallest device has a payload of just 1.2kg, providing a practical and cost-effective way for UAV manufacturers to integrate this technology onto drones for their end customers. 

The range includes 2G, 3G and 4G and more recently 5G mobile phone detection, identification and tracking systems to suit all worldwide frequencies to allow international search and rescue teams to easily use the devices.

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