Protecting critical infrastructure 

Protecting critical infrastructure 

There are a number of countries around the world where the size of the country, its large expanses of terrain, the remote landscapes, thick vegetation, extreme terrains, diverse weather and climates along with the rich natural resources, and possible geopolitical environments combine to mean critical infrastructure, such as power stations, oil pipelines, country borders, nature reserves, mining operations, plantations, etc. may require constant security monitoring and asset protection.

The vastness of some of these activities means trying to adequately monitor and control some of these operations on the ground is not feasible without considerable volumes of physical resources.

Some countries have critical infrastructure situated in extreme climates with excessive weather behaviour that makes protecting or monitoring assets difficult to be acheived human teams.

Certain key facilities can be prone to criminal activity such as theft and pouching, pipelines compromised, the financial loss and huge safety and climate risks, including environmental impacts such as pollution and contamination of ground and waterways.

Some countries face more geopolitical challenges and intensive piracy and terrorism risks from groups of dedicated armed individuals intent on causing major physical damage, disruption or halting of operations or to hold hostage assets and people.

In these cases where geographic, terrain, weather, geopolitical situations mean human monitoring is challenging or unviable. The need for wide-area coverage remote monitoring is required. Such situations suit drone/UAV and autonomous operations.

Revector Detector UAV payload Cellphone Locator provides an early warning of movement of individuals and groups by tracking mobile devices with a sim card, detecting possible suspicious or threatening activity and behaviour that could mean criminal activity is underway or to be undertaken imminently. 

An autonomous drone such as a quad copter, VTOL, fixed wing, or a  microlight, an Advanced High Performance Reconnaissance Light Aircraft (AHRLAC) can hold adequately hold a UAV payload Cellphone locator alongside other equipment, including thermal, night vision and IR cameras and others sensors to provide a best of breed surveillance and security solution to give advanced intelligence and oversight to protect critical infrastructure and identify threats before they inflict damage.

The cost of a UAV with IR cameras, Cellphone locators and other sensors are insignificant compared to the financial loss from theft of commodities or the possible environmental impact from spillage or damage.