Revenue Protection

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Test Event Generator (TEG)

Revector’s Test Event Generator (TEG) is cost effective and easy to deploy. Using cloud-based technology, the TEG provides operators with instant real time online graphical test event analysis on their networks.

Revector’s TEG allows operators to easily and economically test the network. TEG tests help identify revenue leakage through billing reconciliations and comply with legal regulations. These events are tests of voice calls, SMS, MMS and data.

With real-time graphical overview reporting, and online access 24/7, our system can be operated from any browser. Detailed records allow swift evaluation and solution of issues. The system also offers managerial information reporting with regular updates, or detection alerts as necessary. Available on Android devices, Revector’s TEG provides operators with a secure and cost effective means to plan, manage and protect their networks with ease and efficiency.

Test Event Generator

Revector’s cloud based Test Event Generator, is an end-to-end testing platform of all mobile services with:

  • Comprehensive Testing of voice calls, SMS, MMS and data usage
  • Real time online graphical reporting of test data reconciliation
  • Network Integrity monitoring infrastructure availability and congestion
  • Cost effective, easy to deploy service hardware with no CAPEX costs
  • Portable devices allow testing between locations worldwide, on any network at any time to provide a true replication of a subscriber’s experience

Revector’s TEG: What makes it unique?

  • The first integrated revenue protection software suite on a mobile device
  • Cost effective, as it uses an independent and non intrusive means to test the network
  • Secure encryption and anti-detection capability
  • Fully automated and remote controlled testing and reconciliation
  • Ability to test on and off-net, with international and roaming for all event types
  • Quick and easy to deploy
  • Supported by a full analytics programme
  • Satisfies regulatory requirements and ensures accurate customer billing
Revenue Protection - TEG