Company History

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Revector provides software and consultancy to achieve:


  • Identification of which frauds and revenue losses are impacting a telecommunications company
  • Provision of software detection services to identify and counter these frauds and revenue losses and return revenues and margins to service providers
  • Tools that deliver a constant identification of any risks to a network and mitigate these in real time. As fraud evolves, networks can still be certain that fraud and revenue loss is minimised

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Company milestones


2001 Company founded
2006 First anti-fraud solutions commercialised
2007 First major mobile network operator uses Revector for anti-fraud services
2008 First major mobile network group deploys Revector’s services across multiple territories
2009 Revector’s anti-fraud services active in more than 50 countries
2010 First research into Revenue Assurance tools
2011 Launch of Locate & Eliminate anti-fraud services
2011 Revector shortlisted as UK Most Innovative Mobile company by Smart UK Project
2012 Launch of suite of Revenue Protection services for mobile operators
2012 Revector awarded two Queen’s Awards for Enterprise in Innovation and International Trade
2013 Revector identifies the one millionth fraudulent SIM card
2013 Revector identified by Real Business as one of the 30 hottest mobile companies to watch
2014 Revector speaks to the Parliament of Cameroon about the threats of telecommunications fraud
2014 Revector identifies a new threat to telecommunications termination revenues from Over The Top (OTT) companies – OTT hijack
2016 Revector delivers the first proven OTT hijack solution in the world, tested with major telecommunications companies globally

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