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Secure Location Detection Equipment (IMSI Catcher).

Secure Location Detection Equipment (IMSI Catcher)

Revector’s unique Locator IMSI Catcher solution provides a complete tracking solution for rapid deployment of 2G, 3G & 4G (LTE-FDD) systems to efficiently investigate and pinpoint locations of targets. Strategic abd tactical solutions’ provides an IMSI Catcher and ancillary equipment for tracking and identifying of any mobile devices in range independent from all the Mobile Operators.

IMSI Catchers

The equipment is the latest 2G/3G/4G IMSI Catchers with integral and external power amplifiers that can both used to both detect the broadcasting IMSIs within range and then pinpoint the actual location of the device to with a few metres.


Revector provide a full kit used for field exercises to locate IMSIs using a 70+70 Watt system to identify the area the suspect devices (SIM Boxes or any other mobile broadcasting equipment) are located. This can be vehicle mounted, drone mounted or can be a portable unit (backpack) to walk close to the desired target.


Once the IMSIs are identified and the unit locked on to them with a silent call, a directional finder locates the actual devices down to a few metres.


A typical kit consists of 2+2W Revector locator IMSI Catcher, 20+ 20 W Power Amplifiers, Directional Finder, TEMs Lite style engineering phone along with Peli cases, including cables, antennas, Backpack, extra battery and accessories 

The Equipment

  • 2 Channel 6W Detector
    • 19’’ 1 U
    • Compact Dual 2W Detector (228)
    • Compact Backpack
    • Getac Unit
    • Power per channel 3W @2G 1.5W @3G 0.4 @4G
  • 4 Channel 12W Detector
    • Power per channel 3W @2G 1.5W @3G 0.4 @4G
  • 2U 2 Channel Power Amp – 150W
    • Power per channel 75W+ @2G 20W @3G 10W @4G
  • Bespoke 2-4-6-8 Radio Detectors with 2W-100W PA
  • Vehicle, back pack, and drone mounted
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