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Test Event Generation

Most revenue protection solutions rely on significant investment in hardware and do not provide a real time analysis of mis-billing on the network.
Revector’s recently launched Test Event Generation product provides real time insight and analysis into call timings, call billing and text and data measurement. Simple to use, it is provided on Revector customised Android devices that are simple to implement.

What is Test Event Generation?

There are times when operators would like to make checks on their network, just for standardisation or due to regulatory enforcements, to ensure that all calls, SMS and data events are being correctly recorded, received and billed for both the operator and consumer.

Generating events allows operators to look closely at the results and compare within their CDR’s to what they were expecting to see.

How can Revector help?

Revectors uniquely customised android application allows users to test different scenarios confidently and efficiently raising potential network errors that may have negative impact on both revenues and consumer ratings.

The software service, which can be rented and requires no capital expenditure allows operators to check all of the following:

–       Checking of correct implementation of tariff changes.
–       Check timings of calls.
–       Ensure consumers are being billed correctly.
–       Ensure all SMS ‘s are being delivered.
–       Data download volumes are exact.
–       Roaming charges are being charged as expected.
–       And many more…

Mobile operators using our TEG typically see return on investment within hours of implementation and the product can offer hundreds of times return on investment on a monthly basis. With the implementation of testing plans at the click of a button allowing all types of event, the software provides a truly flexible system giving a huge variety of accurate scenario results.

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