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SIM Box Detection

Fraud on mobile networks costs mobile network operators billions in lost revenues each year. From SIM Box or Gateway Bypass Fraud to internal fraud, operators are losing revenues that they should rightfully collect to fraudsters, reducing shareholder value and often causing significant customer complaints.

Revector has a suite of hardware and software tools designed for the detection of SIM Box bypass fraud combined with a consultancy service that enables the elimination of fraud on mobile networks in real time. Revector has worked with operation on all the continents of the globe, saving them an estimated $500 million in lost revenues.

Revectors SIM Box Detection tools are even able to pinpoint where fraudsters are operating, down to a room in a building, enabling operators to work with authorities to conduct raids on fraudsters, seizing equipment and making arrests.

Revector provides services that enable operators to generate millions of additional revenues at a fraction of that cost and without the need to invest in expensive capital hardware, delivering outstanding return on investment.