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SIM Box Bypass: Losses and Location

In the fight against fraud, operators frequently overlook the substantial geographical data they have. When properly visualised this data allows them to identify problem areas and target their limited resources.

What is “Losses and Location”?

SIM Box detection is an important tool within any Fraud team to help proactively detect MSISDNs being used illegally, however, sometimes a justification has to be made to management to reassure them that the money being spent to combat fraud is being well spent. With an estimation of the losses incurred by the detected MSISDNs as well as approximate locations of where the SIM Box activity is rife, the fraud and management teams can really begin to take a hold of the situation on their network.

How can Revector help?

Revector correlates it’s own records from TCG tests along with all CDR’s from your own findings and applies a few algorithms to approximate the location of the SIM Box activity. Our unique algorithms remove all the pain of triangulation and proximity analysis, and our instantaneous mapping tools let you manage your concerns with confidence.

The click-to-select application allows easily filterable information to search certain regions, cell sites or activity of a particular MSISDN. Once data has been obtained the plans can be made regarding further tests or use of our premium service, Locate and Eliminate.

The Losses and Location can be acquired on it’s own or as an additional module feature to our existing SIM Box Detection service.

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