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SIM Box Bypass: Locate and Eliminate

On occasions fraudsters reach can spread across the whole country and the continuous fight against their huge operations can be too great. In this instance the problem of illegal termination is substantial enough to warrant more drastic and decisive preventative measures. Revector would recommend the Locate and Eliminate Service.

What is “Locate and Eliminate”?

SIM Box fraudsters operate in a very adaptable environment where they change frequently the mobile networks and routes which they target. It can be difficult to uncover the exact place from where these activities are implemented.

Governments, regulators, shareholders and operators are now seeking assistance to track and establish the very location from where such individuals/groups operate so local authorities can make arrests and seize equipment.

Locate and Eliminate is where the operator or regulator work directly with Revector representatives in country to identify, target, locate and ultimately eliminate the SIM Box fraud. Seizing equipment and making arrests are performed in conjunction with the local autorities. In the past we have found that all SIM Box fraudsters stop transmitting activity almost instantly as soon as the news of arrests break out.

How can Revector Help?

Revector’s Locate and Eliminate service uses advanced techniques and state of the art specialised equipment to determine the actual physical location of fraud perpetrators to within a distance of metres.

Revector has developed a range of advanced products and services to help trace and pinpoint the exact location from where these fraudulent activities are planned and executed. It is so precise that it can locate a transmitting gateway down to a specific room or apartment, within a building. Delivering the results that enable governments and operators to take action and disable fraud operations.

The key benefits include:

  • Precise: Pinpoint illegal transmissions to a building and even a specific room
  • Effective: A uniquely tailored and managed service in country to coordinate all activities
  • Results: Governments, regulators and local authorities gain evidence to make arrests and prosecute the culprits responsible
  • Benefits: High profile arrests, confiscation of illegal gateway equipment and local media coverage helps removes the threat as well as deter others

Case Studies