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SIM Box: Internal Fraud

Many SIM box operators function with the support of internal fraud. This can result in ordinary SIM box detection being whitelisted, and failing to make detections.

What is Internal Fraud?

On occasions internal members of staff who work closely on the provision of SIM cards, or with the HLR or sometimes even on the Fraud team, can have an illegal background in bypass fraud, it is from here that they are able to hide the SIMs they are using or even warn their fraud counter-parts what tests or arrests are occurring. In these instance our Internal Fraud Counter-tests are required.

How Can Revector Help?

Revector can protect against this by letting ordinary subscribers terminate the calls. Our SIM box tests become indistinguishable from normal traffic, and the gateways cannot avoid detection.

This is service is not advised as a standard SIM Box detection tool due to the fact it is less responsive and requires the addition of Call Data Records which can sometimes take a little while to process. However in all instances where no detections are being made from traditional methods despite their being considerable evidence of bypass fraud, then this method is perfect.

Case Studies