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SIM Box Bypass: Detection

Fraud on mobile networks costs operators billions in lost revenues each year. From SIM Box Bypass Fraud to internal fraud, operators are losing revenues from fraudulent activities, reducing shareholder value and often causing significant customer complaints.

What is SIM Box Fraud?

Illegal termination, also known as ‘SIM Box’ or ‘bypass’ fraud is a growing problem for Mobile Operator’s and is one of the most severe threats to revenue and quality of service. It is estimated that US$2.88 billion is lost annually to illegal termination worldwide.

How Can Revector help?

Revectors Award-winning SIM Box Detection Service utilises years of experience and cutting edge reporting tools to confidently deliver MSISDNs being used illegally within a SIM Box in real-time to allow immediate suspension. Having deployed in over 100 countries worldwide we have witnessed many different methods of avoidance used by the fraudsters, our anti-compromise algorithms ensure our service always delivers results.

Revector uses an advanced call generation technique which detects the SIM cards used in GSM Gateways (SIM Boxes) to illegally terminate calls on a Mobile Network. The information obtained allows Operators to suspend the MSISDNs associated with these SIM cards immediately ensuring revenue loss is kept to an absolute minimum.

Once detections are made the results are delivered immediately over several different reporting tools that can be incorporated into your existing FMS for immediate suspension giving your Fraud Managers more time to analyse other frauds. As an additional extra, access to our unique online management tool, Revector Analytics, is always provided. Our 24/7 analysis tool gives easy access to manipulate data and produce reports for management at the simple click of a button.

For more information and to find about our additional features that make our SIM Box Detection tool the best in the business then speak to a member of our team today.

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