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Proximity Monitoring

In the Post 9/11 era it is becoming increasingly important to use many methods to try and keep certain locations secure as well as the continued monitoring of surrounding areas. One kep implementation is the installation of equipment that can monitor mobile phones and other devices that are within the local vicinity.

What is Proximity Monitoring?

With Revectors latest range of proximity monitors, the ability to check all frequencies for local devices has greatly improved the monitoring of sensitive areas with the key abilities to find, monitor and track key targets. The monitors continuously monitor all local devices and particular actions can be taken on an individual device of interest.

An example may be where you wish to set up a perimeter of monitors and notify the project manager if a new device enters the area, this is known as geo-fencing and can play a pivotal role in securing locations.

How can Revector help?

The proximity monitors deliver a number of applications and are both simple and cost-effective to install. Some applications are:

–       Perimeter protection to monitor traffic with a set perimeter

–       National Borders- to capture visitors information

–       Airport monitoring.

–       Prison discreet phone monitoring.

–       And many more…

Our units are simple, small, cost effective and extremely intelligent with their analysis giving operators, government and agencies efficient deployment when required in urgent situations.

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