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Our Services

Revector provides a number of highly effective services to mobile network operators to combat mobile phone fraud and protect revenues. Consultancy services are also available.

Fraud elimination
Revector enables mobile operators to reduce internal and external fraud on mobile networks enables operators to deliver a more effective service to subscribers and collect revenues that would otherwise be lost to fraudsters.

Revenue protection
Millions of dollars are lost daily by mobile operators through mis-billing and revenue leakage. Revector’s software as a service tools provide mobile operators with the tools they need to protect their revenues quickly and effectively.

Increasingly hacking and malicious attacks are being perpetrated against mobile phones and mobile operators. Revector’s security services enable operators to protect themselves more effectively against attack.

Network integrity
Ineffective or broken network infrastructure leads to subscriber dissatisfaction and churn. Revector’s unique software tools enable mobile operators to quickly identify and remedy issues with the network.

OTT Detection
Over The Top VoIP services such as Skype and Viber provide an alternative to traditional voice calling. Now OTT service providers have been actively attacking operator revenues from call termination by terminating calls within OTT apps. Revectors latest solution can eliminate this revenue leakage.