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OTT Hijacking: Elimination

OTT Hijacking is becoming an increasingly hot topic amongst operators as concerns after huge losses of international termination revenues due to OTT Hijacking are frequently reported. Our proven OTT detection service is the first stepping stone towards our OTT Hijacking: Elimination service that works closely with operators to target OTT applications and increase the international termination revenues back to what they should be.

 What is OTT Hijacking?

International calls originated by users on a landline or mobile phone are being terminated within OTT messaging services therefore hijack the international fees that should rightly be collected by the operator.  This provides a lucrative new line of revenue for OTT services but seriously threatens operator revenues.

How Can Revector Help?

Revector’s OTT elimination service assist in protecting your call termination fees and recovering lost revenue. Revector’s OTT Detection and Elimination service is the only fully tested and proven OTT service on the market.  Tested on live networks it:

  • Identifies and eliminates OTT call hijacking
  • Protects networks by monitoring OTT threats in real time
  • Returns call termination revenues to networks

Revector’s solution detects and manages OTT Hijacking from any application provider: Viber; WeChat; What’sApp; Skype or any of the many other OTT service providers.  The difference in the Revector solution is that we identify the high-jacked traffic whilst leaving the standard OTT to OTT traffic untouched. No Net neutrality issues here because we don’t harm standard OTT traffic or indeed just turn all OTT off. That’s where Revector is different.

As new OTT providers gain traction and decide to target termination revenues, Revector can identify these in a matter of days, saving networks’ revenues immediately.

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