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OTT Hijacking: Detection

We all know OTT VoIP services such as Skype and Viber provide an alternative to traditional voice calling.  Now OTT service providers have been actively attacking operator revenues from call termination by terminating GSM calls within OTT apps.

In recent months Revector has seen:

  • Viber terminating up to 45% of traffic on certain routes via the Viber app
  • More than 25% of international calls are now terminating as OTT

What is OTT Hijacking?

International calls originated by users on a landline or mobile phone are being terminated within OTT messaging services therefore hijacking the international fees that should rightly be collected by the operator. The terminating operator can charge for data, but misses out on their termination fees.

How Can Revector help?

Revector’s OTT Hijacking detection service is the only fully tested and proven OTT service on the market.  Tested on live networks it:

  • Identifies OTT call hijacking
  • Tests any OTT application and reports findings of each
  • Returns call termination revenues to networks

Revector’s solution detects and manages OTT Hijacking from any application provider: Viber; WeChat; What’sApp; Skype or any other OTT service provider.  New applications can be added quickly and efficiently allowing quick testing if peaks in OTT traffic are identified, saving networks revenues immediately.

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