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Heartbeat Monitoring

Imagine locating an error on your network that has been eradicating revenues for many months resulting in a mass testing of systems that could have been avoided by running a regular simple test. Each year millions are lost due to simple billing or timing errors that could have ben easily avoided had a simple monitor been set up.

What is Heartbeat Monitoring?

With a Heartbeat monitor in place you can set a schedule for tests containing your exact requirements so that each day, week and month regular scenarios of events are checked for possible errors. This removes the need for inputting tests on each occasion.

How can Revector help?

Revectors TEG devices can quickly be installed into your desired locations for immediate monitoring of scheduled testing scenarios. The portable device can be located anywhere as long as a continuous power supply is available.

Once installed the heartbeat schedule can be configured on our secure Portal to initiate instantly with a recurring pattern. All event types such as Calls, SMS, MMS and data can be added to the schedule with the results being accurately displayed in our online management tool, Revector Analytics.

Case Studies